(Nut free) Wild garlic pesto

(Nut free) Wild garlic pesto
 One of the many perks of eating seasonally is the real excitement when things like Wild Garlic appear. Got yourselves some Wild Garlic: now what to do with it? If you’ve never tried Wild Garlic before, this recipe will put the seasonal and transient treat to great effect on your menu.

This could be the best vegan pesto I’ve ever tasted and I had to share the deliciousness with you, so here’s my recipe for nut free, vegan Wild Garlic Pesto.


150g sunflower seeds

140g nutritional yeast flakes

2 garlic cloves

2 large handfuls of wild garlic

A squeeze of lemon juice

A good glug of EVOO (the amount is really up to you – it depends what consistency you like)

Salt and pepper seasoning to taste


  • Pop into your processor; the sunflower seeds, the nutritional yeast, garlic cloves and wild garlic then whizz up until everything is well blitzed (you’ll probably need to scrape the sides and push the wild garlic down into the mix a couple of times).
  • Add in your seasoning and squeeze over the lemon juice.
  • Slowly incorporate your olive oi as you whizz this all up – until you get your preferred consistency.

Et voila! You have yourself a large amount of delicious and incredibly vibrant green pesto (caution: you’ll probably want this on EVERYTHING but I recommend sharing as Wild Garlic is, well, pretty pungent)

This is really delicious stirred into buckwheat noodles and courgetti, added to a salad/lunch bowl, stirred through a quinoa risotto (I made mine asparagus and broccoli) and also as a dip.

You could also make the most of some other very healthy super green natural forage: pop outside your back door to pick some nettles and get to soup making: Nettle, Wild garlic, Chard and Broccoli soup is the perfect Spring time celebration of seasonal offerings.

Silver bowl full of Nettles

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