Luxurious and creamy millet flake porridge

Luxurious and creamy millet flake porridge

I never used to eat breakfast; I was “too busy”, “too tired”, “not hungry” or simply recalling the trauma of being in a battle of wills over breakfast before school “you’ll sit there until that bowl of Weetabix/rice krispies/ready brek is finished”…”Okay, we’ll see about that”, shrugged my stubborn, food hating little self.

Now, however, I go to bed thinking about what I’ll be having for breakfast with real joy – no, not because I’m gluten free and vegan so clearly starving (give it up, Dad!) – it’s because I’ve had such a huge mindset shift over the past 6 years (yes, that’s how long @plantpoweredcyclist and I have been together, coincidentally…) and now I love kick starting my day with a nutritious and occasionally pretty treat for my body.

One of the things that helped shift my mindset was variety: it can be difficult to really look forward to a meal if you’re eating the same boring thing day in, day out. Although this porridge is the exception to the rule, for me, as I’ve now gone around 2 weeks straight of eating this (with a variety of toppings, admittedly) for breakfast because I just don’t seem to get bored of it. It tastes so good!


Makes 1 bowl


½ cup millet flakes

1 cup water or your preferred milk (I tend to use sesame milk)

1tbsp ground flax

1tbsp cacao butter

½ mashed banana

1tsp ground cinnamon


Optional toppings:

Fig slices

Nectarine wedges

Summer berries




Mix all the porridge ingredients together in a pan and heat on low for around 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to stop it sticking to the bottom. Once it’s steaming and thickened up you can serve up into your favourite bowl and go wild with the toppings.


Can’t bring yourself to eat hot porridge in the summer or in too much of a rush to mess around with a saucepan in the morning? You can easily mix all of the ingredients for this up in a jar the night before ready to eat cold in the morning, you’ll just need to melt the cacao butter in a bain marie and pour it into your jar at the end.


I’d love to see what you top yours with, so if you do have a go at making this porridge, please do tag me on Instagram (@can_eat_attitude) so I can get breakfast envy.

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