The best “wellness” books to read right now – part 1

The best “wellness” books to read right now – part 1

There are so very many books out there proclaiming to provide all the answers you need to establish great health and personal wellbeing, but how do you work out which ones are right for you and where you should spend your money (because most of these books don’t come cheap)? Firstly, I’m going to proudly declare my love for libraries, they’ve fallen out of fashion in favour of hoarding all.the.things instead (I have previously been very guilty of this) but one of the best things I’ve found during my own personal journey to feeling at my best is that minimalism is the key to me living a less cluttered/busy life and so borrowing books from libraries or doing book swaps with friends is much more rewarding.

I thought it might be useful for you to know why some of these wellness books are worth your precious time so over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my personal favourites, what drew me to them and what I got from them.

This week I’m sharing my reading of Woman Code by Alisa Vitti.

Woman code book with purple cover

Woman Code: Perfect your cycle, amplify your fertility, supercharge your sex drive and become a power source by Alisa Vitti

What have periods go to do with Can Eat Attitude? Let’s quote Pocahontas here and say it’s all “In a circle, in a hoop that never ends” – what you eat, how you feel, the signals your body sends are all connected. I’ll probably never get to the bottom of how connected my menstrual issues are with having Coeliac Disease, or having lived with it undiagnosed for over 20 years but I do know that there are a heck of a lot of women out there struggling with living out of synch with their cycle – CD or not.

As she covers in the book, there are so many reasons women are drawn to Woman Code and I can’t speak for your personal motivations but I can speak for mine. I’ve spoken before about my personal frustrations with “traditional medicine” and mentioned my struggles with “women’s health” issues. 3 years after coming off the pill because something just didn’t feel “right” for me, I’m still struggling to get in synch with my body and have a “normal” cycle: I can have 2 periods in a month or a 2 week long period (last month I had BOTH). For me, getting in synch with my body is more crucial than ever now as I approach the next decade milestone of my life. I also recently listened to a really interesting Podcast featuring Sammie Fleming who I follow on Instagram which discussed the topic of the female cycle in a way I’d never heard before (because I’ve always been so used to periods being something taboo that gets covered up – yet 50% of the population has menstrual experiences and so many of those don’t conform to what we’re taught is “normal). The notion of cyclical living really resonated with me during this Podcast and I’d actually had Flo Living recommended to me a couple of years back when chatting to my friend Sjaniel about what was going on with me so this felt like a good time to really delve into the woman code.

There are personal stories, testimonials, scientific references and anecdotal evidence aplenty in this guide to your personal journey to becoming a power source and the conversational tone of the book makes it really easy to keep reading. This one IS worth having on your bookshelf permanently as it’s part of a lifelong commitment to living in Flo and there are exercises and lists etc inside that you’re likely to need to refer back to; e.g. cycling foods throughout the month could take some time to build in as second nature so having a copy of the food lists for yourself is going to be the easiest way of keeping to it. Feeding someone else in the household does give me some concerns about food cycling as the man of the house is unlikely to have the same nutrient needs as me but that isn’t a reason to give up before starting!

I highly recommend this book to any woman who has had problematic periods, known hormonal issues or struggles with lack of energy – this is a really holistic approach that I can see being a big help to an awful lot of women. And perhaps even some of the men in their lives may take some important notes from giving this a read too.

I hope you’ve found this week’s book insight useful, next week I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you’ve read any of the books in this series and would like to share your thoughts, please pop a comment below, or if you have some suggestions of wellness books you’d like included in this series I’d be happy to take them 😊

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