International Women’s Day: everyday female role models

International Women’s Day: everyday female role models

Now, to be clear, we’re not talking about “role models” in that slightly odd, disassociating way of putting women up on pedestals. We’re talking about celebrating the women we meet on a day to day basis that inspire us to amplify particular qualities in ourselves. Not because of competition or self-doubt, but because we recognise that those qualities truly make that person shine.

Living more positively is so much easier when you surround yourself with positive energy: much of that energy is affected by others. Try to remain aware of the energy you give out to other people and make sure you spread a little positive energy every day. It’s really encouraging to see just how many women are supporting and lifting each other up.

On International Women’s Day, here are some of Can Eat’s everyday inspirations.

Holly Newing, AKA Backpacker Barbie, on a bridge next to a riverHolly Newing, AKA Backpacker Barbie – shows such bravery and independence! She decided she wanted to see the world, bought her ticket, booked her first night’s stay and off she went. She’s experienced new cultures, seen amazing places and met great new people. Even when on the opposite side of the world, BB always found time to let loved ones back home know she’s thinking of them by sending little trinkets or cards to make their day.

Gwenda Jeffs smiling in the sunshine

Gwenda Jeffs, floral designer – creativity by the bucket load, and she’s created her own business from the ground up. Entrepreneurial talent combined with some serious artistic flare; and still managing the school run. A chance meeting and chat about the best shade of red lipstick and all things vintage several years ago – and we’ve been firm friends ever since. She even managed to rope us into a little staged photoshoot a few years ago where we met the lovely Sjaniel…

Sjaniel Turrell smiling

Sjaniel Turrell, makeup artist and nutritional therapist – blows us away with her passion for green beauty and wholesome nutrition. On first meet Sjaniel we were struck by her make up artistry but a little sceptical about her food philosophy. After some musing we realised her recommendations made good sense and it’s thanks to Sjaniel we discovered Hemsley+Hemsley and the art of eating well.

Rachel Egan sitting in chair

Rachel Egan, mental health campaigner – has such sensitivity and a real forthright approach to talking about difficult subjects.  Such passion always gives you something to think about. Rachel’s campaign work on mental health issues really inspires those around her to do more and talk more about mental health. Always challenging people’s preconceived notions – not just about women but about age – Rachel is pint sized and in her early twenties, yet she’s already been more socially active than most people twice her age.

Emer Martin smiles with flask in outdoor setting

Emer Martin, adventurer – inspires us with her “can do, WILL do” attitude to everything. She quit her safe 9-5 job, sold off her belongings and left behind the path most travelled to go wild. She ran the London marathon once and discovered her flow, and her tribe.

Lauren Barber smiles with greenery in the background

Lauren Barber, yoga teacher, health coach, business strategist and mentor for creatives and entrepreneurs – overflows with compassion and insightfulness. Dedicated to helping other women truly embrace their true selves and nurture their beings. Yoga with Lauren leaves you feeling thoroughly grateful.

There are so many inspiring women and every day we’re amazed by the wonderful women we meet so thank you all for being present – and as the quote says, “Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling” because your energy, passion and creativity, really is making a difference in the world.

Where do you get your energy from? Who are your inspirations and what are the qualities you see in them that you amplify in yourself – comment below to share your inspirations with us!

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