Good vibes at Goodroots festival 2016 – pt 1

Good vibes at Goodroots festival 2016 – pt 1

There are lots of things for a health conscious foodie to love about Instagram. One of these things is how many interesting people, cool products and exciting events you can stumble across. It’s thanks to Instagram that I found out about Goodroots and I am so glad I did.

MC Motors, although tricky to find (it’s tucked down a slightly ropey looking side alley truth be told), is a cool venue and fits with the urban street food festival brief. On arrival, the queue extended back to the street but the staff were good at shepherding everyone in to the action as quickly as possible. They’d run out of goody bags when I got to the front of the queue but I just had to go back a little while later to pick one up so no bother there.

Couldn’t make it to the festival in 2016?

There were a lot of highlights:

  • The talks in the hub and the main “theatre” were great. There was a brilliant line up of well-known and knowledgeable figures on the wellness scene. If you’re interested in absorbing some of the knowledge, check out my blog, Goodroots pt. 2.
  • Literally rubbing shoulders with these figures – a great opportunity to “fan girl” (hard).
  • A really inclusive atmosphere. Flying solo at this event doesn’t feel odd, the people I chatted to were very friendly and there were a lot of other people attending on their own.
  • So. Much. Food. Honestly, it was a smorgasbord of nutritious delights. Samples were abundant and several of my ‘must do’ wellness brands were there.
Hardihood raw cakes
Hardihood raw cakes
Pure Earth Kefir
Pure Earth Kefir


Because every event has some low lights:

  • The goody bags were huge (a nice problem to have, of course) but because the venue was very crowded and there wasn’t a great deal of space there was lots of people bashing each other and “sorry, sorry-ing”.
  • The venue was a bit too small for everyone there – it was tricky getting through the crowds to check out the stands properly and it was boiling (the glass panelled roof inside acted like a greenhouse). Hopefully the event moves to a bigger locale next year, the interest seems to warrant it.
  • There were not enough loos! This is always the bug bear for women attending events but this was an event where the vast majority of attendees were women.


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