Highlights from the Good Life Live event 2016

Highlights from the Good Life Live event 2016

The Can Eat journey has taken us to some, seemingly, unlikely places. To our minds it was pretty natural that we’d go and check out the Good Life Live & Edible Garden Show 2016: knowing where our food comes from is integral to us. We always source from the best possible places – but what could be better than producing our own? And where better to learn all about it?

Seemingly unlikely because a lot of people we spoke to beforehand thought it was a little eccentric of us and that we were “a bit young for all that”. A bit young to grow what you love and love what you grow: great tasting, organic food? There’s no upper of lower age limit for that and the joy of reaping what you sow can be felt irrespective of age.

Some of the highlights of the event:

Cuddling chicks

There’s probably no need to explain this further; we’re animal lovers.

There wasn’t a great deal of animal interaction at the show: pigs, sheep and goats were kept in pens, mostly asleep or seemingly stressed out and in too small a space to be happy. This was another poignant moment for Can Eat and further pointed us towards the plant based path.

In the poultry section there were some very happy looking and beautiful hens, a really informative talk from a chap who knew his Seramas from his Rhode Islands and a very sweet guy who saw me wistfully gazing at the chick he’d given a little girl to handle and kindly let me cuddle one too.

Blogging talk

Sean James Cameron gave a really interesting talk about blogging as it applied to his experience talking about gardening and growing. During his talk he shared how he engages with his audience on the subject of growing and the content formats his audience are most interested in.

Bee keeper one to one

Knowing what we do about the parlous situation of our environment and the essential role that bees play, we’re pretty fascinated with the little critters and have been learning all about them.

The BBKA had a really big and well manned stand and we got to pick the brains of a very wise and experienced bee keeping expert. We’ve got a Warré hive in our back garden that’s currently uninhabited. We’re looking to provide a home for bees, to let them do their thing and help protect them: not specifically “keep” them. Commercial or even standard bee keeping practices simply aren’t for us as we don’t believe that stealing the bee’s food for ourselves and replacing it with sugar syrup, alongside serious man handling, will achieve the goal of ensuring bees and food for the future.

Foodie hall

My natural place to be as always. Veggie options were much more prevalent in the food hall at this event than most other events we’ve been to and getting yummy gluten free veggie options was pretty straightforward. I had a really flavoursome veggie tagine with mung bean salad for lunch. Parked out front of the hall was a Mexican street food van, Manjula, who actually grow their own allotment – their veggie chilli on nachos was delicious and we loved that their drinks were organic too.

Hens Clean Cakes

We were very excited to attend Henrietta Inman’s demo in the “Cook it, make it” theatre. The rosy cheeked and sweetly spoken Hen looked right at home in the theatre and gave a brilliant demo of her Blueberry Lemon Mousse Cake from Clean Cakes. She offered up the following hints on whipping up this treat:

– The use of lemon juice/zest really lift up sweetness of blueberries
– If you pop your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight – 2 thirds will set
– Buy blueberries locally in the summer then freeze them to make this throughout the year
– Once made you can pop your cake in the freezer – just take it out a couple of hours before you want it

Hen ended her demo with a tray of samples and a note that her book was on offer at the book stall where she’d shortly be doing a signing. The samples proved a huge hit and there was a huge queue of people eager to get a slice for themselves. Naturally, the Can Eat cottage needed another gorgeous foodie book for kitchen experiments, so we grabbed ourselves a copy, got to the front of the queue and had a quick chat with the lovely Hen.

Have you been to the show? What did you think?

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