Eat “n” mess gluten free cakes

Eat “n” mess gluten free cakes

I heard there was a new (-ish) gluten free (-ish) friendly cafe in Sevenoaks so @PlantPoweredCyclist and I took the opportunity to pop there and check out what they had to offer, so that we could share it with you of course!

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Eat n mess – what you can expect from the outside

Situated on London Road, the store front of this lovely little gluten free friendly* bakery/cafe fits in perfectly with the surroundings. One look at its pastel blue frontage and a glimpse through the window at the displays of baked treats is enough to have you pressing your nose up against the glass whilst side shuffling along to the front door – “but I NEED THAT piece of cake, before anyone else!”

Eat n mess – on the inside

Small but cosy on the inside and beautifully decked out, the atmosphere easily matches the service – which definitely comes with a smile. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and didn’t object at all to our dithering (and drooling) over our potential cake selections.

From the vases of pink flowers on the table, to the feature wall of framed cake photos, to the jars in the kitchen (“one day, I’ll own that many jars of coconut oil and nut butter….*sigh*”) the details appear to have been well thought through. We even made a new furry friend as one of the local regulars came in and introduced us to his dog “Scampi”.

What we ate:

I had a slice (slab) of red velvet and a cacao crush smoothie.

TC had a white chocolate and lemon cookie and a salted caramel (surprise) cupcake with a Press green juice (No. 3 – the extra veggie variety) on the side.

And all were very well received, if a little sugary.

Should you give it a go?

Overall we were impressed with Eat n mess. As a Coeliac, having so many safe options, made for a relaxing trip out. We loved the décor and found everyone to be really friendly and helpful. The cakes all looked scrummy and there was a good range to choose from.

TC really enjoyed the lemon and white chocolate cookie, stating it was the best cookie he’d had for ages and loved the “surprise” of the salted caramel inside the cupcake. My red velvet tasted nice and looked very beautiful, but was a little on the dry/crumbly side, perhaps that was just because of the time of day we visited though (late Sunday afternoon) …

The range of juices and smoothies on offer really complements the sweet treats. It would be great to see some Matcha or Turmeric lattes on the drinks menu in future and I’d be really interested to see whether vegan and refined sugar free options made an appearance at some stage.


If you’ve given this place a try – I’d love to hear about your experience. And, obviously, what cake you had…


*NB: Bear in mind that there are non-gluten free products on offer here – don’t make the mistake of opting for the sourdough if you are gluten free for health reasons; this isn’t gluten free.

ADDITIONAL NOTE – during this visit we were not yet vegan so it’s important to note that other Coeliac Vegans would have more limited options here.

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