Choosing to climb a mountain: does it make you a bit mad?

Choosing to climb a mountain: does it make you a bit mad?

Changed your lifestyle and want to test your physical limits?

If you want to see how upping your nutrition ante affects your physical endurance, you might be tempted to sign up to a physical challenge. This is exactly what happened to me; I saw a post about a night time fundraising trek up Mount Snowdon and thought “YES!”

This would be the biggest physical challenge of my life so far. Whilst very exciting, just clicking submit on my registration to join Trekstock and SeaSoul & Snow made me feel a little bit sick, whilst simultaneously focusing my training efforts.

Things to expect that’ll make you wonder if you’re a little bit mad

  1. Everyone looking at you as if you are.
  2. Social anxiety / potentially not knowing anyone that’s doing it.
  3. Liking sleep. In bed. At night.
  4. Poor overall fitness (<1 year of running constitutes that).
  5. Prior injuries or emotional strife, the metaphorical mountains if you will.

Reasons to do it anyway

  1. Overcoming your fears:

You’re supposed to feel those scary resistance feelings, it’s called being out of your comfort zone and is at the core of a physical challenge.

  1. What would the people that inspire you do?

My woman crush likes to remind everyone how important it is to go off on adventures and test yourself – she quit her job to go wild – how difficult could a guided mountain trek be?

  1. The Cause:

Thinking about the cause you are doing it for should bring about that lovely sense of perspective we all need when panic arises – be that for young adults with cancer as in Trekstock’s case, or simply for the personal sense of achievement.

  1. Realising a dream:

I’ve wanted to climb a mountain for ages, probably since I fell in love with Caspar David Freidrich’s “Wanderer above a sea of fog” as a teen and even if the specifics of the event are not the dream itself as was my case, the benefits of the event and progression it shows to achieving an overall dream cannot be underestimated.


What physical challenge are you taking on? How have you overcome your fears to have a “can do” attitude and how was the post event feeling?

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