Celebrating World Vegan Month: get inspired with these blogs sharing vegan (and gluten free) goodies

Celebrating World Vegan Month: get inspired with these blogs sharing vegan (and gluten free) goodies

Did you know it’s World Vegan Month in November? What a great opportunity to celebrate and share with you some of the wonderful blogs I go to for ideas. Get even more inspired towards a more colourful plate – with these wonderful blogs and Instagram accounts that regularly share delicious ideas for gluten free and vegan meals and show that free from does not mean free from joy, creativity and flavour!

Ela vegan

Ela’s blog is wonderfully colourful and her food photography always makes me hungry. Right now, with it being so chilly here, I’m especially drawn to this veggie curry with pineapple (although my knife skills are nowhere near good enough to be able to serve my take on it so beautifully in the pineapple – mine would be every inch a “nailed it” moment). Although, if someone could chuck me a waffle maker I’ll get right onto making these amazing waffles (adapting to be oat free, obviously)!

Who wants a buddha bowl with homemade Sauerkraut? 😍 You guys, this is so amazing! I never knew that it’s so easy to make Sauerkraut. 😱 I tried it for the first time and it tastes so good, it’s easy to make, much cheaper than store-bought Sauerkraut and so healthy. Sauerkraut is very beneficial for our gut health, and we all know how important a healthy gut is. 👊 I added it raw to this buddha bowl because it’s of course healthier to consume it raw, to get all the benefits from the probiotics, enzymes etc. Let me know if I should make photos the next time I make a new batch of Sauerkraut and post them along with the recipe on my blog? . . . 🇩🇪 Wer möchte eine Buddha Bowl mit selbstgemachtem Sauerkraut? 😍 Ganz ehrlich, das müsst ihr irgendwann einmal ausprobieren! Ich habe zum ersten Mal Sauerkraut hergestellt und es wurde richtig gut. Schmeckt super lecker, ist gesund, geht ganz einfach und kostet auch noch weniger als im Laden. Sauerkraut ist aufgrund der Probiotika unheimlich gut für unsere Darmflora und wie wir alle wissen, ist eine gesunde Darmflora sehr wichtig für unsere Gesundheit. 👊 Gibt mir Bescheid, ob ich das nächste Mal, wenn ich wieder Sauerkraut herstelle, Fotos machen soll und die dann mit dem Rezept auf meinem Blog einstellen soll? 💚 . . . . . . . . . #foodphotography #veganfoodshare #carbs #onthetable #foodie #instagood #food #foodpics #igfood #cleaneating #nom #fitfood #yum #bestofvegan #Foods4Thought #WholeFoodsFaves #LetsCookVegan #buzzfeast #gloobyfood #beautifulcuisines #veganfoodspot #f52grams #huffposttaste #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodandwine #lovefood #thrivemags #veganworldshare

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Unconventional baker

Audrey’s bakes are just so blummin PRETTY. There’s even a wonderful functionality on her website to help you search for the perfect recipe for you – including being able to search for recipes that are nut free or have nut free options (perfect for us with @plantpoweredcyclist’s allergy) and oat free which I find AMAZING as so many gluten free blogs and products add in gluten free oats not realising that some Coeliacs (like me) cross react to oats in the same way as gluten containing grains. Tiger nuts have been calling to me recently (if you’re wondering how why I’d be using a nut in our nut free kitchen – tiger nuts aren’t actually nuts, they’re a tuber) and I think I may have to give this beautiful tiger nut cheesecake a go ASAP.

A wee throwback to this BLACKBERRY COCONUT CAKE and a few pretty remakes of it 🔮🍴💜. Before I dive into the cake, a question for French speakers at the end 👇🏻 Back to cake. My friend was just making this cake for her daughter’s mini birthday party (in blueberry flavor) so been talking about it heaps, and a magazine I very much admire in Germany is about to run a feature on it soon. Makes me happy it’s getting a good amount of love ☺️, so giving it some more by sharing some remakes 💫 (You can search for the recipe on my blog via link in profile by the way). These remakes are in order. First one (so gorgeous!) is by @thelalastory who shared that it was her “First time using coconut manna (coconut butter), such a great product for frosting.” The next photo is by my blogging pal Melissa @veganhuggs who made this tiny cake for her kids last week, and the last photo is by @alana_jean_ who made it for a party with friends and decorated with some raw chocolate. Thank you for all the shares, ladies! 💜 #rawcake ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Question: a friend is looking for good resources or websites in French about a plant-based diet. Anyone have any good recommendations they can share?

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Mrs Hollingsworths

Whilst I don’t subscribe to her “guilt free” messaging (because feeling guilty about anything you eat really doesn’t serve you) I do regularly finding myself wishing I was in the area when Emma sells her treats at markets. I’m not usually one to be drawn in by sweet things (believe it or not) and I’d always take a starter over a dessert course when out usually but it’s impossible to not get a hankering for something a little less savoury when Emma’s sharing her food: these frosted chocolate brownie batter balls are going onto my to make (immediately) list (with a note to sub in seed butter for the nut butter required in the recipe) and these Turkish stuffed aubergines may be on the menu tonight as I happen to have everything but the za’tar already…

It’s that time of year again…the beautiful autumn leaves, the crisp sunny days, the bluest of skies…and oh yes, the COLDS. Baby H was suffering last week and I managed to stave it off myself but I know that when I do catch one (and I will, I know that much) I’ll have these lemon and ginger cheesecake bites by my side to get me through. The tartness of the lemon, spiciness of the ginger and the sweetness of the dates and maple are just a great combination taste-wise, as well as having lots of lovely healing powers between them too. So not only do these taste amazing but they’re immune boosting too! The recipe is new up on the blog today – go check it out! 💛 Love, Mrs H xx #hbloggers #health #fitness #wellbeing #raw #vegan #vegansofig #whatveganseat #yoga #sugarfree #dairyfree #glutenfree #alkaline #healthy #food #diet #love #801010 #happy #inspo #inspiration #fitfam #plantbased #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #ahealthynut #f52grams #yuminthetumrepost #iin #iinhealthcoac

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See, I bet you expected this blog post was going to be all about me sharing why I think YOU should opt for a vegan lifestyle 😉 Nope. A vegan lifestyle, like a long term relationship, is a long journey and if you’re not on that particular road (yet) that is totally cool. Everyone is welcome here!

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