Birthday blues? Find out how you could channel that into something positive

Birthday blues? Find out how you could channel that into something positive

Known amongst your friends as a birthday “Grinch”? You are not alone. And don’t worry, we realise you’re unlikely to resent other people feeling special on their birthdays, but perhaps for a while (and for a number of reasons) you just haven’t been feeling the birthday love.

So, this year, how can you flip this into something positive?

Well if you’re the sort of person that finds it odd to have a “special day”, why not choose to use the day to do something that means something to you and to a worthy cause? Take the opportunity to volunteer on your birthday and you may get that positive glow back. You could even drag a partner or friend along and make a day of it. Lots of workplaces offer employees a paid day’s leave to volunteer so check out if yours is one of them – and get using that staff benefit.

Here’s just one idea for you, to get you started…

A day with Big Cats

Narnia the White Tiger laying in the grass

Volunteer at the Big Cat Sanctuary. Run by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, the Sanctuary in Smarden isn’t generally open to the public except on select open days. They do run courses such as photography, so there may also be some aspiring wildlife photographers there in the park at the same time.

So why not grab a few buckets of paint, some rollers and follow your manager for the day out to one of the enclosures to spend the day painting (note: no one will tell you off for covering yourself in paint)?

This makes a big difference to the appearance of the site and the impression that visitors receive as well as physically protecting the enclosures from the elements. The big cat living in the enclosure will be locked in for the day to ensure your safety and their stress levels remain low whilst you work. You may even be lucky enough to find yourself at close quarters with your cat, we found ourselves within touching distance of a beautiful (albeit slightly grumpy as we weren’t bearing food) Sumatran tiger called Nias.

What could be better than a day spent listening to the Pumas calling each other, Tigers harassing keepers for additional food and soaking up the knowledge of the sanctuary workers? Well, knowing that you could be reducing what would have taken one person a week to do into a couple of days, freeing up resource for other important jobs, certainly helps. You may even be treated to a one to one tour with “back stage” access with the chance to explore the sanctuary, admiring both the grounds and the great conditions the animals are kept in.


The animals here probably won’t be returned to the wild as they are integral to essential breeding programmes needed for the survival of their species but there’s a good chance their offspring will get to be released into the wild one day.


This is just one brilliant way to channel some positive energy. Be creative and get inspired – mark your birthday the Can Eat Attitude way! And don’t forget to tell us all about it, whatever your choice of positivity is.

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