Am I a Health Blogger?

Am I a Health Blogger?

Pots of Pollen+Grace food laid out for an event

Whether you already blog about food/health/lifestyle, or are an avid devourer of other people’s blogs – if you have your own story to share you could find health blogging to be a great outlet. With the rise of groups like the Health Blogging Community, starting out or honing your skills as a health blogger is much more inclusive and rewarding than it might have been a few years ago; especially with regular events where you can meet up with other health bloggers and do what “health bloggers” do, together.

But do I fit the bill as a “health blogger”?

It’s pretty typical, on hearing the term “health blogger,” to conjure up a strict picture of who that is and compare them with ourselves. Naturally you may find yourself discounting your own story on account of not completely fitting the mould of other aspired to food or fitness bloggers. You may even think that people will view you as some kind of “imposter”, or  claim that you aren’t a real blogger because you perhaps only do it for enjoyment (because all health bloggers are “pros”, right?)

There is no strict definition of what a health blogger is – it isn’t just fitness bloggers vs food bloggers. And, no, not everyone is a “pro”.

Is the “health blogging” scene already too saturated for me?

With so many health bloggers visible on social media, is there any point in newbies getting started? What you’ll quickly realise when you chat to other health bloggers is that, whilst on Instagram it might look to us like everyone already knows all about overnight oats and banana nice cream, actually in the “real world” most people are still oblivious or, in some cases, opposed to our lifestyles (you’ll find it refreshing that no one in the community will bat an eyelid at your predilection for “green sludge” – if you have one).

There’s still an audience out there for each health blogger; we all have different journeys that will chime with different people at different stages.

Personally, my story is about being a coeliac (7 years since diagnosis), becoming vegan (8 months cruelty free), having women’s health issues and all the things in between – there aren’t going to be a heap of other bloggers with the same experiences, but there are likely to be a few key people that this story resonates with. The same applies to anyone else thinking that they will be another lost and pointless voice in an already over saturated blogging community. Find your niche and write about it: your vibe attracts your tribe.

Not sure what to expect from a health blogging event?

Last year I attended my first “bloggers and brands” networking event, organised by the lovely team at the Health Bloggers Community, it was a great experience and one I’d definitely recommend to anyone considering starting their own health blog. In fact, it was so helpful that I went along to another event hosted by the Health Bloggers Community in January and soon after signed up to be an Ambassador for their first ever Health Bloggers Summit being held this April.

More on the Summit shortly…

Before the 2016 event I had previously only dipped a tentative toe in the bloggers networking scene at the Love Natural Love You show bloggers meet up and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from a “health bloggers” event. I knew there would be other health bloggers and a few of the brands that were taking part, but not much else.

So what should you expect from health blogging groups/events?

  1. Great foodie opportunities – from sharing recipes and kitchen tips (avo rose anyone?) to sampling tasty treats at events, the food opportunities alone are worth getting involved.
  2. Being introduced to cool brands – get to know new brands on the wellness scene, chat to established brands about how they’d like to work with bloggers in the future and sample a bit of what they have to offer.
  3. Share experiences/inspiration with other bloggers – getting together with other like minded folks online or in a casual environment (with snacks and treats of course) and have a natter about your favourite workout haunts, your health journey or kitchen experiments – it really gives a lift to what can be a slightly solitary, online existence.
  4. Check out interesting venues – from the gorgeously serene Total Chi Yoga Bar which was the venue for the 2016 HBC event to the cool Work.Life, you’ll be able to meet up with other health bloggers in real life.

Interested in getting involved now?

Smiling Lauren Armes and Amy Hopkinson

Well, it just so happens that as an Ambassador for the Health Bloggers Community (shameless plug alert) I’ve got just the, ahem, ticket for you. Join me, the Health Bloggers team and the likes of Pixie Turner, Alice Liveing and Amy Hopkinson on Saturday 15th April at The Hoxton in Shoreditch for the first ever Health Bloggers Summit.

Get your ticket now

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