A day of wellness: yoga, brunch and pampering

A day of wellness: yoga, brunch and pampering

Need an excuse to spend a day investing in your own wellness? I’ve reviewed some of my “wellness to do list” (it’s a tough job but Can Eat Attitude is here for you guys!) and pulled together the perfect wellness day plan for you.

Step 1 – start your day with a restorative yoga class

Make like I did, get yourself to London and schedule in some time to meet a girl friend at Triyoga SoHo. Do leave yourselves enough time to grab a quick juice at the Retreat Cafe, then kick off those shoes and drop your bags off in the locker room before heading to class.

Depending on the type of yoga you participate in, you may find the class a little different to your usual; the Vinyasa Flow open class is reasonably intense and is certainly a workout! You may also find yourself wondering if it’s secretly a hot yoga class – but don’t worry if, like me, you start sweating profusely and have to pause to chug down some water/catch your breath, it is perfectly acceptable to do this as everyone is in their own flow. If you are concerned, check out their site for a slower/beginners class. And if you’re a little body shy, leave your shower things at home; the door-less showers open facing each other.

The instructors are clearly very knowledgeable and the whole experience is very authentic, although, if you aren’t anticipating it, you could be a little thrown by the chanting towards the end.

After that class you may be in need of a pre brunch pick me up so I’d recommend you grab a snack from the Retreat Café on your way out. They make a deliciously rich and nourishing bliss ball that is sure to give you the energy you need to walk to your next stop. If you can work a bit more time into your schedule, spend a bit more time in the area as there are a few interesting places to check out.

Step 2 – enjoy a leisurely and nourishing brunch

Health conscious super foodie or not, the Hemsley and Hemsley Cafe in Selfridges should be on your “to brunch” list. It isn’t hugely easy to find within the Body Studio and you may be expecting something bigger from all the noise about the place. However, you’ll be far from disappointed and may even get lucky and beat the queues to bag yourselves a table straight away; in fact, Jasmine and Melissa themselves were sat on the table next to ours!

The service is great; very friendly, efficient and unobtrusive (even if, like us, you find yourselves so busy chatting you take ages to choose) whilst the decor is very much in keeping with their “good and simple” tagline. There’s loads to choose from [NB: I visited the café when still vegetarian so if you are vegan, it is worth checking the menu in advance], I could have happily eaten pretty much everything! But eventually I opted for a pep up turmeric tea and the black bean burger.

The food is absolutely delicious and food envy of other people’s plates (What? Just me?) shouldn’t be an issue. You may find yourselves feeling stuffed after that but the sweet treats on the menu are definitely worth trying. I recommend splitting an indulgent choco-beet muffin, you only need a small amount as it’s so nutrient dense and packed with flavour.

Step 3 – soothe any stresses and take some real me time with a spa treatment

Book yourself (or selves) in for a spa treatment. I chose the MediSpa at the Park Club in Acton for an hour long Neom Organics therapy treatment as organic is a important to me and the Neom products smell amazing. It’s not especially easy to get to (especially if you don’t know the area) and the surrounding area isn’t exactly scenic, but the Park Club itself is set in lovely grounds and is very much a tranquil haven.

The staff are very friendly and you’ll feel thoroughly cossetted from the moment of your arrival. The Neom Spa treatment begins with a guided meditation and involves a full body massage using a Neom massage candle; complete bliss and your unlikely to have ever felt so completely cocooned and looked after!

Step 4 – give your hair a new lease of life with a trip to an organic hair salon

Dread the hairdressers? Been putting off a trim? Had a bad hairdressing experience? Or just waiting for a salon that matches your lifestyle? The former 3 will be forgotten and the latter solved when you book in with the team at Hair Organics in Notting Hill. It took numerous google searches and I’d been putting off the cut for over a year [personally, I don’t like having my haircut because A> I don’t feel like I can justify the spend and B> I’m not very good at small talk – the “where are you off to on your holidays” routine fills me with dread!] but I added this stop in to my wellness day and was glad I did.

The team fall over themselves to make new customers feel welcome, the salon is absolutely lovely and the whole experience feels very indulgent. They have a whole menu of Pukka Herbs teas (even offering me a glass of wine) which are served in gorgeous T2 cups and saucers alongside a “biscuit of the day” on the side (it smelled so good I was a little sad to shun the little gluten-y delectable).

I had a personal consultation with my stylist who I felt really listened to what I wanted. This was a relaxing, enjoyable experience and I’ll definitely be going back – I even left with a “goody bag” of vouchers and information not to mention a cut I was very pleased with. It is pricey BUT within the realms of what I was expecting for an organic London specialist.

Finally, do plan to spend some time checking out the foodie delights near the salon, Notting Hill is awash with them.


When did you last take a day of wellness? What’s stopping you? And what would your ideal day look like?

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