The best events to attend when you’re going, or living, gluten free

The best events to attend when you’re going, or living, gluten free

Being surrounded by other people that are in the same boat and sampling all of the foods available on a gluten free diet is the perfect antidote to the isolation you can sometimes feel when you start out your new life after a Coeliac diagnosis.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve made it my business to attend every foodie event I could get to (entirely selfless, of course) and thanks to my extensive “research” I’ve come up with a list of great events to attend if you’re living gluten free; I’ve even put them in date order for you so you can get your calendar organised!

The Free From Festival 2017

There is an outstanding line up of brands for this food festival which is set to take place on 29th May (and lasts ALL day – ergo, eating all the gluten free goodies all day). I’ve not yet managed to get my hands on products from a lot of these brands and foodie events are such a great opportunity to discover new gluten free favourites. Personally, I’m especially keen to sample goodies from Rana’s Artisan Bakery (as featured in this recent guest post) particularly the sourdough baguettes, obviously cake from Cake & Cucumber and probably a mid morning pick me up energy ball from Rawsome.

Goodroots Festival

I went along to Goodroots last year and chatted about it here. This year’s festival will be held on 11th June and whilst this isn’t specifically a “free from” event, because the wellness world has embraced gluten free-dom, there’s a lot on offer for those living gluten free. Especially worthwhile getting a ticket if you’ve been gluten free for a while and need a bit of inspiration to up your nutrition ante and perhaps get motivated to use your can-do attitude.

Coeliac UK Gluten Free Festival

Another June date (29th), this one is a little trickier for those living down South as it’s located in Salford. I’d say this one is very underpublicized (I never knew it existed until I started researching for this blog post) but, being Coeliac UK, is likely to be worth the schlep across the country: this is the only event I could find specifically for Coeliac sufferers. The event will feature, alongside the gluten free food festival, dietetics clinics and specialist talks, including one from leading gastroenterologist Professor David Sanders.

The Allergy & Free From Show 2017

If you’re in the process of going gluten free, I think you’ll find this event (7-9th July) especially useful as it shows just how wide the range of alternatives is and gives lots of opportunities for sampling without forking out a fortune on products from the supermarket – try before you buy is really key to not wasting money on gluten free foods. This is a fantastic, holistic showcase for those new to the gluten free life. I say holistic because there’s everything related to living with allergies/intolerances etc available and this show is handily co-located with the Just V Show which showcases the best of veggie living and the Love Natural, Love You Show which supports those trying to move towards a more natural lifestyle. I’ve chatted about this show before so feel free to check out this post if you’re interested in more detail on what to expect from this event.

Which of these events are you most interested in going to? I can’t wait for cake at the end of this month and I’m really looking forward to the expert talks at the Coeliac UK event.



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