Our relationship with food: coming out from under

Our relationship with food: coming out from under

Do you feel like your body is over powering you? Or like you can’t do what you want to do because your body is pulling in a different direction?

You’re not alone.

I saw things that way for a really long time too. My body just kept seeming to break down or be against me: whenever I made plans to do something it would inevitably tell me no. Or so I thought.

You and your body: working under or with?

In quitting my 9-5 and striking out on my own, I noticed some surprising parallels between our relationship with food, our bodies and health as a society and working underneath people in a corporate environment. As per this wonderful quote from Seth Godin:

“For thousands of years, we’ve built our culture to teach people to not only tolerate a powerful overlord, but in a vacuum, to seek one out. We build school around the idea of powerful teachers, coaches and authority figures telling us what to do. We go to the placement office to seek a job, instead of starting our own thing, because we’ve been taught that this is the way it works, it’s reliable, it’s safer.

And so we’re pushed to begin with under, not with.”

Just as we struggle to find our own personal food nirvana when we’re overwhelmed by different nutrition information coming at us from all angles, we struggle to feel like we’re working as one with our bodies because we put so much stock in external sources of knowledge.

Why aren’t we working with our bodies, instead of battling to come out “on top”?

The reality is, it’s a little bit scary only having yourself to answer to (and listening to your own questions running around inside your skull almost incessantly) and we largely seem to feel the same way about our food choices. We want someone outside of us to tell us what we can/can’t should/shouldn’t eat and renounce our own power in favour of granting someone else authority (and dominion) over what we put in our mouths. Because taking responsibility for the day to day running of a smooth ship is hard work and a lot of pressure: why wouldn’t we want to be able to hold someone else accountable when the ship springs a leak?!

But I want you to know:

You are not under the weight of your body.

You and your body are a partnership.

Your body can’t work against you – although you CAN ignore its messages and work against IT. You can’t exert power “over” your body, you’re one and the same. You can be in your power in your body if you connect with it.

Stop looking for a powerful overlord to hold dominion over your body and what goes in it, be brave and step up to meet your body where it’s at and work with it to feel at your absolute best.

Does this post resonate with you? I’d really love to hear about it, drop me a note in the comments below x

4 thoughts on “Our relationship with food: coming out from under”

  • What an amazing read, thank you. I have felt like this for so long and still do sometimes but I’m learning how to trust and listen to what my body is telling me. Hard to ignore when it’s screaming at you but so glad that I’m finally listening 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. xx

  • Yes, yes and so much yes! Very timely for me having yet again ignored some of my body’s whispers and it had to scream at me to get my attention!! Work in progress but thank you so much for sharing xxxxx

    • Ah Lauren, I’m sorry to hear that your body was screaming at you – I do hope you’re feeling better now! I think it will be a continuing work in progress for all of us as there as so many other things demanding our attention and heeding the body’s messages requires a lot of focus x

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