How an organic veg box could change your food attitudes

How an organic veg box could change your food attitudes

Changing the way we look at food

Already consider yourself to have a pretty positively food outlook? Free range, organic and whole food already your norm? But how do you feel about the food shopping experience and what do you know about the process behind the sourcing of your food?

A weekly organic veg box delivery could give you the confidence to switch to a more seasonal, plant based lifestyle. No fluorescent lit aisles and rattling trolleys for you, instead you’ll have a smiling delivery person bring your soil covered, super fresh, rainbow coloured selection of veggies to your door.

You’re sure to wake up on delivery day that little bit more excited because you get to see what’s inside the box this week – a bit like Christmases of old. Meal planning and waste cutting will actually get easier as you become accustomed to using what you already have with the aim of ensuring everything goes as far as possible.

The Riverford Organics scheme – How it works:

You can either order a one off box or, to save yourself time, set up a standard weekly order of your preferred sized boxes (and there are lots of different box options), you can also select a fruit box and add in any sundries you need, from pulses to oils and fresh herbs. The same applies to many other organic food box vendors, we just happened to choose (after much deliberation) Riverford and are very happily sticking with them.

Each week, 2 days before delivery, you’ll receive an email reminder to update your delivery should you wish to change anything for the week as well as an update on what’s new to the farm that week. If you’re going on holiday you can also cancel boxes where you’ve set up a regular order.

You’ll get an order paid confirmation email every week before delivery day and then on the day your lovely delivery driver turns up with an armload of goodies for you. And if your delivery person is as polite and friendly as mine, you’ll come to really look forward to them turning up – and not just for the food, but for the great service.

You can then regale anyone within earshot with a running commentary and occasional squeals of delight as you unpack the boxes: “isn’t that a beautiful lettuce”, “ooooohh asparagus”, “brilliant – we can try Wild Garlic” and “figs and squashes, oh my!”

Aside from the great service, there are lots of other nice touches as part of the scheme – weekly recipe cards and newsletters sharing news from their farms, inspirational recipes and their take on food or the wider food environment. The welcome pack on joining, which includes a guide to where the best places are to store different items to ensure their longevity, is a welcome touch too. It feels like so much more than a simple food drop.

And Riverford always encourage using up leftovers, not that you’re likely to waste much – it’s too delicious – anything that gets a bit past its best that can’t be juiced can go on the compost or be given to local farm life. This isn’t something we have experienced much of.

You’ll eat much more seasonally and be much more creative with what you get. There’s a lot more connection with food because of these boxes and it’s very different to shopping at the supermarket where you can probably go in and get everything on your list any time of year, plus a plethora of other unwanted or unnecessary items; appreciation as to the story behind where your food comes from and the likelihood of saving money are wonderful additional benefits.

Where does your food come from and how does that make you feel about it? Share your thoughts or take some time to evaluate if this is something that would truly benefit your life.

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