The Good + Simple book tour

The Good + Simple book tour

At a staged photoshoot some years ago we met organic makeup artist Sjaniel, who told us all about her philosophy on food and these great friends of hers who were doing impressive work on the food scene; Hemsley+Hemsley. We gave their first book a go (“cookbook” isn’t quite the right description for this book – it’s more like a lifestyle book) and our eating habits changed quite dramatically from that point. We became completely hooked on the Art of Eating Well.

Since then our food has been all about whole, unprocessed, mostly organic and highly plant based. We’re known wherever we go for our assortment of jars and flasks and forever being asked “what is in that”: we’re only too happy to chat about the nutrient dense wholefoods that we’re packing. We’ve come to find that an awful lot of people are disconnected from their food, where it comes from and the amazing things you can do with raw ingredients; so take it as a compliment if what we’ve got inspires some curiosity!

Can Eat Attitude went along to Waterstones Piccadilly for the first date of the Good+Simple book tour. We picked up our Good+Simple tote containing our very own copy of the book and went to join scores of other foodies in poring over the gorgeous food photography and mouth watering recipes whilst waiting for the ladies to show up for their panel discussion.

Their food philosophy, is largely applied good sense; it’s striking how down to earth and “normal” these hugely successful, inspiring and passionate sisters are. And everyone was given some comfort when Jasmine candidly admitted “I don’t actually like cooking”. Whether you like to cook food, play with food or simply just eat great food, this book could be a winning addition to your collection.

If you can cook with love, that’s great – but you should definitely eat with love too – long live good food indeed!

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