Breaking lunchtime food habits – London lunching

Breaking lunchtime food habits – London lunching

A meal deal al desko?

Lunch, especially when in amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, can be a tricky habit to break. Of course, I don’t mean the actual eating of lunch (I’d never advise meal skipping), I’m referring to the standard method of going about it: absent mindedly grabbing a sandwich, bag of crisps and fizzy drink in between meetings and then eating them “al desko” whilst checking emails.

Mindful lunching

A great way to break this mind-less eating habit is to block out a set slot in your diary every day, a week in advance. You can still move the slot around but it means you are sure to get a proper break away from your desk and the time to thoughtfully choose the food that will both nourish you and bring you enjoyment. It also affords you the time to mindfully eat it (much better for the digestion).

Lunchtime adventures

Making lunchtime a bit of an adventure helps and is made much easier in London: there’s always somewhere new to try. If you can’t afford to eat out regularly, I’ll be writing up a blog of great lunchbox suggestions soon – but keep that lunchtime slot blocked out in your calendar all the same!

I’ll keep you posted with great London lunching suggestions as I try them.

Lunch option 1: SHOT

Chilli plant growing out of white tiled lunch table

The decor is lovely, cool but calm – with clean white tiling, chillies growing out of the bench for seated diners – complemented by neon signage and wall displays educating customers about their ethos.

The ethos:

– 85% raw ingredients used
– Completely chemical free
– No refined sugars
– Good fats
– Organic juices, smoothies and desserts. Always organic for the “dirty dozen”
– Clean cooking
– A complete ingredients list
– Clean protein

What I ate:

Shot Can Eat Attitude.jpg

Baked sweet potato and quinoa falafel salad
Carrot, apple and ginger cold pressed juice
Chocolate ganache tart
A can of Biona organic coconut water

 The ganache tart was 100% what I needed to get through an afternoon of meetings: nutrient dense and decadent and casually proving that “good for you” food can be wickedly good.

Their dietary labelling is pretty good (although I think they missed it off the cakes but when I asked at the counter they were able to confirm straight away) and there is lots of choice for gluten free and dairy free foodies. I would love to see a gluten free vegan option on their hot food menu.

All in all, this food experience lived up to the place name – Simple, Healthy, Organic, Tasty (aka SHOT)

Watch this space for more additions to London lunching…

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