Breaking Breakfast (habits – and forming new ones)

Breaking Breakfast (habits – and forming new ones)

According to this report, two in five Brits skip breakfast. When you take a look around your office in the morning, you’ll probably see the familiar scene of people fuelling their days with coffee or having a quick grab and go breakfast in the form of a cereal bar when they reach their desks.

It won’t be news to you that breakfast sets you up for the day – a new report on just that topic features in the media on a regular basis. So why then do we still have an issue with breaking the fast?

Autumnal scenery not required for a hearty breakfast

We are creatures of habit, and we tend to stick closely to a routine that we’ve sustained for a long team for fear that upsetting that routine could create a major bump in the road. Perhaps as a child you were forced to sit at a table and eat a soggy bowl of cereal that you hated and it became a battle of wills with your family because you didn’t want to eat it but they felt they were doing the right thing in getting you to eat something. Or perhaps as a teenager you realised that skipping breakfast was a sign of “maturity”, because that’s what all the adults around you were doing and, frankly, who was going to make you?

However the breakfast skipping habit started, it is absolutely possible to form a new, positive habit down the line. And it’s important that you give a few things a go when it comes to finding out what change works and helps you to stick to your new positive change.

Some suggestions to help you to make breakfast your new positive habit:

  1. Make breakfast a bit of an occasion, take the opportunity to catch up with your partner/housemate/bestie over breakfast – there’s a good chance you might not get time later in the day.
  2. Remember, whilst you might not consider yourself a “morning person” at the beginning of this process, there’s every chance you’ll find yourself becoming one, and that’s definitely a reason to keep going.
  3. Make space for breakfast (umm, no we’re not being rude there), we mean create room at the table, or set up a picnic area on the floor if you don’t have room for a table, so that you can sit and mindfully digest your breakfast.
  4. Head straight to the kitchen when you’re awake; don’t be tempted to get ready for work first and then squeeze breakfast in later – you’re much more likely to run out of time and end up skipping
  5. Keep it fresh – eating the same soggy cereal or bland toast, day in, day out will make you loathe the prospect of breakfast. Have a good think about what which foods make you feel at your best and give your body the most energy and try to incorporate these as part of breakfasts. Don’t worry if they’re “unconventional”, instant cereals haven’t been around for forever, people would have eaten leftovers before boxed breakfasts!
  6. Batch cook on weekends to save time, and while you’re at it, make up some breakfast bits – chia pudding jars and smoothies keep really well in the fridge

So you’re time pressed and the thought of getting up in the morning and fumbling your way to the kitchen to make something other than a bowl of shreddies with milk fills you with dread?

Don’t worry, we’ve been there and we’re happy to share 4 low effort breakfast suggestions with you:

  • Buckwheat porridge – buckwheat flakes and plant milk make a really creamy porridge, be liberal with the cinnamon and dress it up with your favourite toppings to feel like you’re eating a comforting dessert for brekkie (how decadent!)
  • Scrambled tofu with avocado – it is possible to do a simple, few ingredient tofu scramble. We love the Cauldron organic tofu block. We just crumble it up in a saucepan, sprinkle over turmeric, chilli flakes and season well then heat like you would scrambled eggs.
  • Overnight b-oats – pop buckwheat flakes, ground flax, plant milk and cinnamon in a bowl before you go to bed. Pop it in the fridge. Hey presto, when you get up in the morning you’ve got yourself a ready made bowl of yum.
  • Leftovers bowl – chuck some pre cooked quinoa, baby spinach or watercress, marinated tofu pieces and mashed avo in a bowl. Drizzle over olive oil. Feel seriously smug about your nutrient dense and delicious breakfast.

Are you struggling with breaking breakfast habits? Or have you gone from breakfast avoider to going-to-sleep-because-that’s-a-time-machine-to-breakfast person? We’d love to hear your thoughts and any breakfast suggestions that make getting out of bed worthwhile for you.

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