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Can Eat Attitude began with a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease which turned into a journey of food, and self, discovery.

A me, myself and I spread featuring colourful berries, tea, photographs, postcards and notebooks

My personal health journey has been a rollercoaster ride with lots of twists and turns: I used to be on 3 different medications for Asthma, was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in my early twenties after graduating from university, then found myself dealing with awful menstrual symptoms (when I stopped masking them with the contraceptive pill) in my mid twenties and now I’m totally unmedicated and committed to living in tune with my body – just in time to start my thirties with a bang!

But enough about me! This space has been created for you. For the wonderful people who are feeling like there’s more to food than meets the eye.

If you too find yourself getting fed up with unhelpful negative attitudes surrounding food and health, or have dietary requirements and hear “you can’t have this, you can’t have that” all too often, this is your space to discover all the amazing and nourishing things you CAN eat on a “restricted diet” and the exciting things you could accomplish with a bit of Can Eat Attitude.

I hope that sharing my food and health journey with you helps you to find or grow your “can eat, can do” attitude. I’m passionate about living well, eating nutrient dense wholefoods that make my body smile, and inspiring others to feel empowered about their health. The personal journey I’ve been on to feel so positively well myself has been a long one: and I don’t believe it’s over yet…

Want to continue the journey with me?

All of the tools on this site have been carefully put together with the aim of supporting those living with food allergies or other dietary adaptations, those who want to get started with living a more “healthful” life and businesses who have a passion and heart bursting desire to help them get there.

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The weekly blogs I write are simply conversation starters: they exist to get you thinking and talking about your own experiences.

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I now use my content marketing skills and experience for the good of great food and wellness companies.

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There’s more about my freelance services in this document. If you’ve got a great brand story to share, drop me a line, let’s have a cuppa and a chat about your project and explore how I can help you.

Holistic wellbeing coaching

I’m really excited to be opening up my Happy, Healthy, Nourished programme for client enrolment.

Feel Happy, Healthy, Nourished

This has been in the pipeline for around a year now because I wanted to make sure what I was bringing you was of true value in your life and I cannot WAIT to work with you. You can find out more about the programme and request a free 15 minute call with me to chat things through over here.

I’m also available to provide freelance support to businesses looking to expand their employee wellness programmes – providing resources and workshops to help your staff to feel at their best.

Blogger collaborations

I love collaborating with other bloggers and have regular guest blogging spots open every month.

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If you’re interested in writing for Can Eat Attitude email me or drop me a DM. And if you’re looking for guest contributors, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m also a member of, and regular contributor to, the Health Bloggers Community. There may even be an event or two in the pipeline…